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MADD RHYTHMS Brochure FAll 2016 ARC

Summer is here and so are the #TapJams !

It’s a new season and a new chance to connect in a way that only tapdancers can!

2nd Fri Tap Jam fb cover FALL2017

TAP JAMS are our way of paying homage to the HOOFERS of old and the traditions they set.

TAP JAMS make us better. TAP JAMS give us new ideas.

TAP JAMS help us communicate. TAP JAMS allow us to express ourselves.

TAP JAMS show us where we came from and where we are going.

TAP JAMS are absolutely necessary to nudge your growth as a tapdancer!

3rd Sun Tap Jam fb coverFALL2017

#FREE #Fun #OpenToThePublic #SeeYouOnTheWood

#ImprovToImprove #RespectTheDance

2nd Sat Tap Jam fb coverFALL2017