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Bril Barrett

Bril Barrettis a creative tap dancer, whose mission is to preserve and promote tap dance as a percussive art form, foster respect and admiration for the history and creators of tap, and continuously create opportunities for the art form and its practitioners.Bril is the founder of M.A.D.D. (Making A Difference Dancing) Rhythmsdirector of The Chicago Tap Summit and founder of The M.A.D.D. Rhythms Tap Academy. Performance opportunities include RiverdanceTap Dance Kid, The St. Louis Tap Festival, The Calgary Tap Summit and many others. Bril has taught and/or performed in Canada, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Albania, Amsterdam, and across the U.S. He has started many outreach programs in Chicago’s public schools, Park districts, a performing arts high school in Gary, Indiana and several After School Matters programs on the city’s Westside and Southside.

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M.A.D.D. Rhythms All Star Faculty & Members [click photos for bios]

M.A.D.D. Rhythms All Star Faculty & Members [click photos for bios]






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  1. Andrea Reaves
    Dec 30 2010

    Bril this is your cousin Andrea, the granddaughter of Roy Savage. This is a beautiful thing you are doing. I want to get my daughter in your class on Jan. 8th. She is 9 years old. Give me a call at 708-932-7563. I hope you get this message in time.

  2. Audrey Miles
    Sep 13 2011

    Left several messages. Hope to hear from you regarding ASAS Programing, we received the grant and trying to form budget. Please call me!

    Henderson Academy 773-535-4009 Library

  3. Susan Leos
    Mar 15 2013

    I’m from Austin & take class with Acia from Tapestry. I took master classes with Bril a couple of years ago here in Austin. I’m flying to Chicago today, March 15, 2013, and would love to come to Tap Jam tonight! I’ll be attending the ASCD convention & staying at the Westin’. I hope we get to connect.

  4. Emaual Williams
    Mar 28 2013

    Hey Brill its been a long time, you probably dont remeber Emanual Williams (15yrs young). I have been apart of Dancexcel (2345 grant street in Gary Indiana) for 9yrs but dancing for 10.Sherice Grantt is my tap instructor and we visted madd tap yeeeaarrs ago when you guys first started out. Im look into taking classes down there as well. I said all of this to say hey and keep up the Great Work!

    PS: Tell Jumaane Emaual said hey

  5. Aug 7 2017

    Requesting Brill Barrett to call me to discuss details about a performance at the Soul Yoga Fest on Saturday, Aug. 26th and to announce that he is chosen to receive a Lifetime Achievement award at our Awards Dinner on Friday, August 25th 6-9pm.

    Yeeskah’s # 773 633-3506

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