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M.A.D.D. Rhythms

Fax: 773.604.1898

Please take a few moments to tell us about our performance OR
Ask us about upcoming classes and events.
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  1. Ikia Franklin
    Sep 20 2011

    Hi i was wondering how do i get an interview to sign up for Tap. I use to think Tap dancing was boring but i see M.A.D.D. put fun in it.

  2. mary jo
    Jan 12 2015

    Anyone know of a summer camp experience–for adults–which features tap dance?


  3. Phyllis Adkins
    Oct 14 2015

    Hello not sure my previous email was successfully transmitted. I wanted information about your dance summit performance in order to bring my students to witness your amazing performance. please contact me about obtaining tickets if it’s not too late. Thank you in advance. As always ‘Respect the Dance”!

  4. Jasmine Jackson
    Jan 18 2016

    How can I sign up for M.A.D.D

  5. David Levine
    Jan 21 2016

    Hi Bril,

    I know this is the 3rd wk of the session but my lady and I would love to come to class tonight. We’ll most likely drop in unless you have an objection to us starting a little behind. We’re both movers and professional performers so hopefully that will help us catch up quickly.

    Thanks and looking forward to tap!
    David Levine

  6. k.hill
    Apr 14 2016

    Hello, I am interested in taking your adult tap lessons. Looking for a beginner class. Is Thursday 6-7pm the only beginner session you offer?

  7. Vickie
    Jun 28 2016

    Is there a Youth session for the Summer 2016?

  8. Leatha M Jones-Koehn
    Jul 13 2016

    Looking for a tap dancing school that will accept a person who is over 60-years old. I’m a person who love to dance, and tap is my favorite dance.

  9. Sandra Y. Banchu Corley
    Jul 27 2016

    I am doing a play at Harold Washington center
    I wanted to know if you could get me a discount.
    I wanted April 15 2017
    The name of the play is
    Sandra Corley. Knit instructor. BBF

  10. Dec 15 2016

    Hey bro give me a call 773 816-6123.

  11. Feb 10 2017

    I would love for MADD Rhythms to perform at the 10th. Anniversary of Men of Excellence Awards on Feb 23, 2017…

    Please give me a call 312.225.2400 x 145

  12. Jun 1 2017

    Do you have your summer class schedule? Would love to take some classes!

  13. Shenetta
    Mar 27 2018

    I would like to register for a class I’ve been calling leaving messages sent email no one responds..I just left dance studio on Michigan no one assist me just looked at me as if I had 2 faces so I left out..I have a Groupon I purchased trying to register

  14. Vernette Hampton
    Jul 9 2018

    Trying to make contact for our multicultural fest in Country Club Hills, IL. September 15, 2018. Please contact me. Thank you!

  15. Vernette Hampton
    Jul 9 2018

    Please get in contact with me concerning multicultural festival in Country Club Hills, IL September 15, 2018.
    Thank you!

  16. Oscar Dixon
    Jul 16 2018

    I’m Oscar Dixon, I’m applying for any available position you have for employment, Thank you!


  17. Latonya Johnson
    Aug 10 2018

    Hi Bril, I am a teacher at Marillac St. Vincent Family Services and our sister site is the Marillac Social Center on the west side of Chicago. Our site is located in the Lincoln Park area but we services children that comes from families below the poverty income guide lines. I am looking for something that the children can be introduces to besides bucking and shaking their tail to music. Can you help me fine something, cause I know that Afterschool Matters helps out at Marillac and I need a contact so that I can get other activities at my site.

    Thank in Advance

  18. Apr 18 2019

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  19. Akilah Young
    Nov 14 2019

    Would like to get in touch with someone regarding hiring members to perform.

  20. Kelly Ellis
    Dec 16 2019

    Trying to register. Received groupon lessons for Xmas. Would like to sign up for adult tap

  21. Susan Rashad
    Mar 13 2020

    I was trying to get tickets for the DC Tap festival, but the site lists states “not available.” Has it been corona-cancelled? or should I try again?

  22. Mar 17 2020

    Unfortunately, it has been cancelled.

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