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August 17, 2019

Latrell Garnett by Jeffrey O’Connell

Latrell Garnett

Latrell is an Artist & Entrepreneur from the westside of Chicago, that began tap dancing when he was 3 years old. Latrell got his start by watching vhs tapes of the tap group known at the time as Steppin’ Out. By watching the tapes over and over, Latrell eventually picked up tap dance and his family almost immediately started taking him to shows and studios with them. Since then, his journey has provided him opportunities to teach at various dance studios, including Hubbard Street’s Lou Conte, Supreme Dance Studio, Intuit, Transcendance, KDA, RH School of Performing Arts, Joel Hall Dance Center, and more, as well as opportunities to dance in various productions, festivals, concerts, tv shows, etc. Latrell was once a member of Madd Rhythms, where he received majority of his professional training. Now, when Latrell isn’t working as an Entrepreneur, he is dancing as a solo artist and at other times with the group 333. Latrell is forever working to grow as a dance and music artist and intends to present dance music projects to the community soon.

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